With offices in New York and Shanghai, Oleet & Co. is a merchant banking firm known for its longstanding relationships with well-established family offices that pursue direct investment initiatives. From Boston to Beijing, these organizations span diverse geographies, but they share in common a principled commitment to making value-oriented investments. In particular, these investors focus on the financing of infrastructure and other long-lived assets.

By coming to understand how a particular family office approaches its work as a long-term investor, we are able to provide a range of advisory services that may include facilitating a collaborative, multi-generational relationship with a like-minded family office or providing investment banking counsel to a portfolio company. In every case, our focus is on the family office relationship – not on a specific transaction.

It is uncommon for a family office to maintain an active relationship with a merchant banking firm like Oleet & Co. Accordingly, we are grateful for the opportunity to provide long-term counsel to investors who believe, as we do, that value is created by hard work – not by financial engineering.

Due to our family office relationships, when shareholders and management of operating companies seek an investor with the capacity to commit long-term capital, we offer an uncommon ability to assist in finding such a partner. We do not gravitate toward advising on broad auctions where bids are submitted by funds who direct their efforts toward making short-term investments.

Rather, we believe that we can best serve shareholders and management when we can support them in taking a long view – an approach that is philosophically consistent with our own understanding of how value is created. We have discovered that this path, while less traveled, can provide a superior outcome for certain companies and their stakeholders.